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Internet Facility



Computer and Internet have become an indispensable passion for the students of NCCS. Teaching and learning in NCCS is supported by first class facilities. Free access to Internet to everyone at any time brings the world closer to the learner and educator.

Internet-based technologies and tools in NCCS enhance learning outcomes. Broadband-enabled educational tools facilitate more interactive, personalised instruction, which has been found to improve learning outcomes of our students. Many online academic enrichment services use video, animation, sound, and interaction to help children learn, to excite them about a topic, and to reinforce concepts learned in class. High-capacity broadband is used to view multimedia Web sites. Some services even offer real-time tutoring by connecting our school students to a live tutor through a video and audio feed.

By engaging students more directly in the learning process, our students are able to grasp quickly internet content and become adept at problem-solving and participating in the creation of their own content via various forms of media.